Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's been a long time!

Finally I'm back to the blogs. Earthship construction started slow this spring due to our first lavender festival preparation and the back not so friendly. But the good news is we have the framing just about complete. We have installed all of the roof, window frames and starting to finish the roof over our large room. Then we will tin the roof and seal the building up. Concrete flooring should be poured around Thanksgiving if my plans and help work out. Still waiting on the dirt mover to come out and finish back filling the outside berm. All I can think of is lots of concrete from here on out!

One of the strange things about the economy in our area is the lack of people needing or wanting to find jobs. We have help driving from Springfield, Ohio. I'm thinking the unemployed moved our found jobs outside of the county so the labors are becoming scarce. At least this is a good sign that people are finding good jobs.