Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's been a long time!

Finally I'm back to the blogs. Earthship construction started slow this spring due to our first lavender festival preparation and the back not so friendly. But the good news is we have the framing just about complete. We have installed all of the roof, window frames and starting to finish the roof over our large room. Then we will tin the roof and seal the building up. Concrete flooring should be poured around Thanksgiving if my plans and help work out. Still waiting on the dirt mover to come out and finish back filling the outside berm. All I can think of is lots of concrete from here on out!

One of the strange things about the economy in our area is the lack of people needing or wanting to find jobs. We have help driving from Springfield, Ohio. I'm thinking the unemployed moved our found jobs outside of the county so the labors are becoming scarce. At least this is a good sign that people are finding good jobs.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Asbestos in the Home ~ Another reason to build an Earthship!

As responsible citizens of Earth, we are obligated to nurture and sustain this planet. In the world of home construction and landscaping, there are many things that should be taken into consideration. Many older homes could need repairs or additional renovations in areas that are susceptible to natural disasters.

Often appearing in roof shingles, popcorn ceilings, piping and insulation, asbestos became one of the most popular building applications of the 20th century.

There are many green, Eco-friendly materials that replace the need for asbestos and can reduce energy costs annually. The implementation of Eco-construction and alternative energy solutions will play an important role in the transformation to a healthier and sustainable world.

If you locate any suspected asbestos in the home, most experts suggest leaving it un-disturbed until a home inspector can examine your property, take evaluations and determine the safest course of action. Sometimes the best action is no action at all. Disturbing asbestos in good condition may cause its fibers to be released into the air. However, if removal is necessary, it must be performed by a licensed abatement contractor who is trained in handling hazardous substances.

Long term exposure to damaged airborne asbestos fibers can lead to the development of a severe lung ailment known as pleural mesothelioma. With a latency period that lasts from 20 to 50 years, it isn’t until the later stages of progression when physicians usually are able to accurately diagnose. Mesothelioma prognosis varies from patient to patient, depending on many factors. These include age of diagnosis, latency period and cigarette smoking.

Recently, congress passed an economic stimulus package that promotes energy efficiency for home and business owners. The American Recover and Reinvestment Tax Act of 2009 includes incentives for upgrading to more Eco-friendly/sustainable methods of energy and insulation. The move to a greener lifestyle will build on the change to healthier methods of building products, home remodeling and renovation.

Many cities and states in the U.S. are pushing for these green sustainable technologies to be utilized in the public and private sectors. Everyone strives for clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. Unfortunately, many modern conveniences increase pollution and health problems. Green alternatives to asbestos include the use of lcynene foam, cotton fiber and cellulose.

The use of cotton fiber foam has demonstrated to reduce energy costs by 25 % per year. There is no need for any products used in construction to be made from asbestos, yet over 3,000 work and home-based materials still contain this toxin. Many locations throughout the United States are swiftly changing their construction practices to suit the environment and the health of human beings.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Tire Hazard Question

Has any researches been done about the heating of the tire by fume or health issues that could be present because of the tires?

There is an extensive study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison that was presented by the state of New Mexico. It can be obtained through the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, Wisconsin, 53706. It would probably cost something to get it. In addition to this study, I am working to obtain a copy for our local State and County levels for I can some day move live here.

First Annual Summer Solstice Lavender Field Day

Sponsored by Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm

WHEN: Saturday & Sunday, June 20, 21, 2009

WHERE: Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm, 2391 Martinsville Rd, Martinsville, OH 45146

TIME: 10am - 11pm Saturday, Sunday 10am - 7pm

COST: FREE admittance, Fees apply for Adult craft workshops and handpick.

CONTACT: Contact Kym Prell

Farm Tel. 513-322-2415, or Cell 937-944-0149



Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm will host Clinton County's first annual Lavender Field Day. The fields are filled with an acre of many different varieties of lavender in Full bloom and here for Handpick visitors. Daily workshops will be held for adults and children. Family matters on our farm so feel free to bring the young ones to many of our workshops.

Child workshops are FREE and include Herb Sachet making , Chicken feeding , Giant sling shots, Nature Trails, and Recycled Instruments. Please Pre-register.

Adult workshops include Lavender Wreath, Lavender Wand crafting, and Gourd Instrument crafting. Also learn how to build raised beds utilizing recycled materials. Pre-registration required. Please contact us for cost.

Peaceful Acres is located .2 mile from the Historic Martinsville Rd. Covered Bridge. Come out handpick lavender and spend the day with nature! You will be amazed what wild life can bring to our fields. This is a don't miss invitation, our farms magic is peaked on this weekend so rain or shine the farm is still here! BRING YOUR CAMERA or Anything to draw, paint, write while you have fun......and enjoy what nature has to offer on Ohio's Largest Lavender Farm!

"It is a great thing to see, a farm taking recyclable trash and using it for their construction projects. Especially the Earthship Biotecture we have been building that is now close to completion. This place is going to be great," says Jason, Earthship Biotech.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Peaceful Acres Lavender Farm blog....

Subscribe to future farm activities along with blooming season updates. You can't miss this up coming spring.


Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roof Beams Installed on the Earthship! Questions and comments answered.

Well it's coming along. The Earthship has a roof.....almost! The two smaller rooms have beams installed now ready for the 1" deck boards. I have found it is a bit harder to work with ruff cut lumber rather than traditional pine. Heavier, crooked, twisted and heavy as you can imagine. I'm thankful for good friends helping bring this to reality. Another chapter of my life fulfilling at the blink of an eye. I think somehow I need to dedicate this building to these friends that helped with trash to construction. Keep your heads right because it's not over yet. We still need everyone's help.


Will you see my beer cans I bring over inside the Earthship?
No! All cans, bottles and tires will be sealed from outside to inside. No Recycled trash will seen except the creative art light designs in the walls. Visit here you will see how beautiful these Earthships really are.

I think their just glad you're not living in it!
A comment from a friend that must have been discussed some where around town. I know it meant no harm but the thought of citizens in the community worried about what doesn't have anything to do with them is oblivious! This structure is more reliable, stronger, sound, self sustainable than any conventional home built today.

My Comments: WELL, this Earthship project is aimed for storing our lavender products with out wasting materials for such a place. This is the original idea bringing people to our farm for agricultural/recreational use and still our plans for the future. But considering our economy and the down ward spiral we are still in, if some how, some time bad comes of it all then Yes we will have to move into the Earthship. Rules would be followed and I'm sure inspection of some kind would be needed. Seriously come on, no utility bills, no heating necessary. A place to live on our land with no house payment. Who wouldn't want to live in something they built that's a self efficient, self sustainable dream? It would look the same weather we lived in it our not. The only difference is our Earthship will be here for many of my family generations!

Thursday, January 8, 2009


Time is here!! We need as much garbage as possible for the earthship. Wine bottles, beer bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles all needed to continue our farm projects. I have a new route in future goals. ALL, repeat ALL future buildings, benches, raised beds and just about anything we can build will utilize recyclables to achieve these goals. We have a pretty good clean organizing system here so just drop off your trash or feel free to call for pick up once you have a can or bag full. Try to take recycling seriously I need everyones help. With out recyclers we just have more garbage that I could be using that I NEED. Even if you do recycle locally it doesn't help as much anymore because most recycling centers are full to capacity.

I'm organizing a campaign for locals to be able to drop off close to their home location. Future possibilites for drop off are Dayton, Wilmington, Reading, Yellow Springs and Martinsville, Ohio here on the farm. Please spread the word and get this blog rolling with responses and interest!

Another trash warrior raising the cause so come all!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new beginning for our future and the future of Clinton County!

Today I had the opportunity to meet the organizers of Energize Clinton County ECC. A cause dedicated to the future of our economy as well as the environment here in this beautiful county. Matt Rembert and Taylor Stuckert visited the farm interested in the Earthship Biotecture Project and our goal of creating a sustainable community utilizing the tons of recyclable materials. The added knowledge and resources these two have combined with the task at hand for me will help everything fall into place. It's a beginning that will only go forward from the generation of change with views of preservation.

Everyone's invited to visit ECC Head quarters open house on Jan. 8 @ 5pm. Also on Jan. 14 @ 6:30pm - ECC Greening Our Community Discussion Series - “Energy Efficient Solutions for Our Homes and Businesses” - Wilmington Municipal Building Community Room. Please attend or check this blog for the break down of the discussion.

Back to the Earthship Biotecture project here on our farm Jason has completed filling tire voids with one full U room done. Our tarps covering the U under construction has worn away due to the winds so we have to install the roofing, ground frozen or not. Frozen ground is dry ground so lets count on a cold spell.

I'm adding to my blogs questions I receive through out our projects. So here goes.

How much did it cost for completing the foundation up until today?
~As of now we have just around $800 in materials with a completed foundation of 700 tires including top plates installed ready to roof. It has taken one tire packer 6 months working part time to complete this task.

When do you expect to be finished with the Earthship?
~The original completion date is planned for summer of 2009. If weather permits progress will be on time.

Where do you get all the tires from?
~As a tire user I am happy to have such a great deal of waste at my finger tips. You ever pay for tire disposal? Well our local Tire Discounters has been very kind in supplying what ever tires we need. Most tires come out of Wilmington, but Hillsboro location has supplied at least 200 tires. Not only did it save money for tires and hauling but Tire Discounters saved a bunch of money on disposal cost themselves.

Hope this may help many find the way to a sustainable future!