Saturday, December 13, 2008

Earthship Update October 31, 2008

Well Jason the tire packer has come a long way in helping build the 'Earthship'. As of today is about 15 tires or 2 days from completion. He has over 600 tires completed. Lumber has finished drying in the barn and top plates are about to be installed. Soon as the plates are done we can back fill the berm around the outside of the tires hiding whats underneath. It's amazing when people drive by and have to do a double take on whats being built. So great!! Thanks people!

As everyone knows we will not be having the Lavender Festival this year like planned. This structure has been our priority and very time consuming. We have to remember don't rush. Spending more time on the project could make your experience here that much better. Please stay tuned to our dreams and make sure your apart of being green! RECYCLE!!! We need aluminum cans!!!!

Peace, Love and Lavender!!

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