Thursday, December 18, 2008

Lets build our own community out of recyclable materials

Well I'm thinking ahead and taking the next step in building our GREEN community. Our plan is to complete our Earthship by this spring or at least have the majority of it complete for others to see. I will be adding dates for this summer for Lectures, Workshops and Writings on 'How To Build Your Own Earthship'. Not only will this give everyone the chance to live green but rather the education on where to start and the steps made possible to complete their own home or building.

We burn 40,000 tires a day in Ohio if not more! With this amount of tire waste we could build 56 -1100 sq' Biotecture homes, garages, etc. The American way is always to have new, well new can be made from recycled materials. Use the materials we have before taking more of what we don't need. Is this lack of responsibility to help the environment with recyclables, or just a scary situation for home builders? If a major GREEN movement started would we have problems with builders, government or suppliers trying to stop the progress and decide we are crazy? Well this is the generation 'X' coming forward and putting a stand on conventional ways of home living we are custom to. I believe we all x'ers can pull this off for the next generations have available to them what they will need to be GREEN. I know it's hard for the older generations to imagine this can come true. But think about what they have seen and how the planet has grown in their lifetime. They must be optimistic to a way of the future and need to think about our family generations to come. It is possible to do what’s best but if we Americans don't act now it may be to late in the near future to start using what we have readily available. So for the REAL GREEN thinkers, let's make our County the future in the first steps to living a sustainable life with the thoughts materials we have. It's not far fetched people, ITS HERE! Let's get this done and join together for our future and the future of Clinton County!!

I hope I'm not being the only one that really wants to make a difference in our County in a short life here on earth. I want to be remembered for what I did in our community and give my kids the lives they deserve in the future not ruin it for them and future generations.

Thanks for listening and stay tuned for our goals!

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