Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tire packing is complete on the earthship! November 20, 2008

Well Jason has finished packing the tires for the U shaped rooms. He has packed about 700 tires since July. We have completed digging out the top tires to concrete anchors inside the tire this will secure our green board top plates. Concrete anchors will be used with every other tire starting at the end walls. Once top plates are in we can start to install our 6 x 6 beams and roof boards. We have also designed and started packing the tires for the front of the earthship which will be our window anchoring system. You can see these pictures in our album. The front window tire wall is 4 rows high with 25 tires per row. Jason is on his 2nd run of tires.
The dirt berm has been half way back filled and hailing is going on everyday from our south field. Weeks away from installing dirt and cans to fill tire voids for insulation.
It has been a rough road to were we are now. Original plan was to be framed in by October but with the endurance level needed to pack tire after tire we have just finished. So a month or two behind but we're hoping it takes off from here.

It's coming along just have your plans ready to see our creation!!!

Enjoy, I know we are!!!

I have videos


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