Thursday, January 8, 2009


Time is here!! We need as much garbage as possible for the earthship. Wine bottles, beer bottles, aluminum cans, plastic bottles all needed to continue our farm projects. I have a new route in future goals. ALL, repeat ALL future buildings, benches, raised beds and just about anything we can build will utilize recyclables to achieve these goals. We have a pretty good clean organizing system here so just drop off your trash or feel free to call for pick up once you have a can or bag full. Try to take recycling seriously I need everyones help. With out recyclers we just have more garbage that I could be using that I NEED. Even if you do recycle locally it doesn't help as much anymore because most recycling centers are full to capacity.

I'm organizing a campaign for locals to be able to drop off close to their home location. Future possibilites for drop off are Dayton, Wilmington, Reading, Yellow Springs and Martinsville, Ohio here on the farm. Please spread the word and get this blog rolling with responses and interest!

Another trash warrior raising the cause so come all!!

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