Sunday, January 4, 2009

A new beginning for our future and the future of Clinton County!

Today I had the opportunity to meet the organizers of Energize Clinton County ECC. A cause dedicated to the future of our economy as well as the environment here in this beautiful county. Matt Rembert and Taylor Stuckert visited the farm interested in the Earthship Biotecture Project and our goal of creating a sustainable community utilizing the tons of recyclable materials. The added knowledge and resources these two have combined with the task at hand for me will help everything fall into place. It's a beginning that will only go forward from the generation of change with views of preservation.

Everyone's invited to visit ECC Head quarters open house on Jan. 8 @ 5pm. Also on Jan. 14 @ 6:30pm - ECC Greening Our Community Discussion Series - “Energy Efficient Solutions for Our Homes and Businesses” - Wilmington Municipal Building Community Room. Please attend or check this blog for the break down of the discussion.

Back to the Earthship Biotecture project here on our farm Jason has completed filling tire voids with one full U room done. Our tarps covering the U under construction has worn away due to the winds so we have to install the roofing, ground frozen or not. Frozen ground is dry ground so lets count on a cold spell.

I'm adding to my blogs questions I receive through out our projects. So here goes.

How much did it cost for completing the foundation up until today?
~As of now we have just around $800 in materials with a completed foundation of 700 tires including top plates installed ready to roof. It has taken one tire packer 6 months working part time to complete this task.

When do you expect to be finished with the Earthship?
~The original completion date is planned for summer of 2009. If weather permits progress will be on time.

Where do you get all the tires from?
~As a tire user I am happy to have such a great deal of waste at my finger tips. You ever pay for tire disposal? Well our local Tire Discounters has been very kind in supplying what ever tires we need. Most tires come out of Wilmington, but Hillsboro location has supplied at least 200 tires. Not only did it save money for tires and hauling but Tire Discounters saved a bunch of money on disposal cost themselves.

Hope this may help many find the way to a sustainable future!

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