Sunday, January 11, 2009

Roof Beams Installed on the Earthship! Questions and comments answered.

Well it's coming along. The Earthship has a roof.....almost! The two smaller rooms have beams installed now ready for the 1" deck boards. I have found it is a bit harder to work with ruff cut lumber rather than traditional pine. Heavier, crooked, twisted and heavy as you can imagine. I'm thankful for good friends helping bring this to reality. Another chapter of my life fulfilling at the blink of an eye. I think somehow I need to dedicate this building to these friends that helped with trash to construction. Keep your heads right because it's not over yet. We still need everyone's help.


Will you see my beer cans I bring over inside the Earthship?
No! All cans, bottles and tires will be sealed from outside to inside. No Recycled trash will seen except the creative art light designs in the walls. Visit here you will see how beautiful these Earthships really are.

I think their just glad you're not living in it!
A comment from a friend that must have been discussed some where around town. I know it meant no harm but the thought of citizens in the community worried about what doesn't have anything to do with them is oblivious! This structure is more reliable, stronger, sound, self sustainable than any conventional home built today.

My Comments: WELL, this Earthship project is aimed for storing our lavender products with out wasting materials for such a place. This is the original idea bringing people to our farm for agricultural/recreational use and still our plans for the future. But considering our economy and the down ward spiral we are still in, if some how, some time bad comes of it all then Yes we will have to move into the Earthship. Rules would be followed and I'm sure inspection of some kind would be needed. Seriously come on, no utility bills, no heating necessary. A place to live on our land with no house payment. Who wouldn't want to live in something they built that's a self efficient, self sustainable dream? It would look the same weather we lived in it our not. The only difference is our Earthship will be here for many of my family generations!

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saw core said...

hello, I'm building an earthship in upstate new york and a section of one of my walls is leaning outward, I am wondering if the the backfilling will alleviate this problem or if I should be more concerned? Well done on your earthship, the good word is spreading, peace till next time- Jamie

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